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Wow! What a journey it has been these past few months! My name is Gia and I started Boutique Rye with my husband (Nathan) and our precious ONE year old son, Riley! Nathan and I are high school sweethearts (queue the aww's and heart eyes) and have been married since June 2015. Riley came into the family in October of 2016 and boy did our lives change! He is our whole world so naturally we decided to name the boutique after him. Okay. Enough about us...
We started Rye in July of 2017 through a Facebook group out of my Father-In-Law's spare bedroom. Boy were we blown away by the positive response! At the time we used Facebook "live sales" (check out our live sales tab to learn more about these) as our primary platform to get our clothes into the customers' hands. I personally chose this platform because I absolutely love talking to you all face to face (at least sort of). Most importantly, though, it's a great way for me to get immediate feedback straight from the source.
Like any new business, not only is it important for us to find the best way to engage with our customers, but we also want to be able to reach as many of you all as possible while still staying engaged. And as great as the live sales were (and are) it quickly became apparent that we needed another platform to reach each and every one of our customers (especially those of you with schedules that don't always allow to join our sales). As an online boutique, adding a website to our business was always in the plan, but you all made it clear that it needed to happen sooner rather than later. So here we are! We hope that this gives you another outlet to spoil yourselves, because YOU deserve it!
Whether on Facebook or through our website, we look forward to talking and shopping with you all soon.
Love, Gia, Nathan, and Riley bug!